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USG Corporation Electrician (Engineering) - Rainier in Rainier, Oregon

  1. Battery maintenance
  2. Operation of electrical test equipment including voltmeter, megger and amprobe
  3. Install, perform preventive maintenance & troubleshoot motor control & lighting systems using wiring schematics
  4. Motor starters - size & change overloads & heaters
  5. Three phase motor wiring termination
  6. Motors: perform preventive maintenance, troubleshooting & repairing
  7. Motor brakes: perform preventive maintenance, troubleshooting & repairing
  8. Advanced control system troubleshooting including PLC control using wiring schematics
  9. Burner controls: perform preventive maintenance, troubleshooting & repairing
  10. PLC & associated hardware - installation, troubleshooting & repair
  11. PLC main components familiarization
  12. PLC hardware wiring
  13. Interpret instrumentation schematics/symbols
  14. Instrumentation equipment - install, troubleshoot & repair
  15. RTD's & Thermocouples - install, troubleshoot & repair
  16. Ink jet printer systems - install, troubleshoot & repair
  17. Use HMI screens to troubleshoot and understand process controls
  18. Understand AC motor/VFD theory
  19. VFD power & control wiring
  20. VFD installation & configuration
  21. Parameter modifications
  22. VFD troubleshooting & maintenance
  23. Conduit & cable tray design , layout and installation.
  24. Transformer sizing & wiring
  25. Fuse, wire sizing, & conduit fill ratios
  26. Install various electrical controls
  27. Interpret electrical schematics & symbols
  28. Identify motor data
  29. Understanding of NEC codes


Applicant must have completed a two-year post-secondary electrical program. Applicant must have a valid Oregon Limited Journeymen Manufacturing Plant Electrical License.

  1. Must have an understanding of electrical concepts such as 480 volt and 2300 volt.
  2. Must have an understanding of NFPA 70E code.
  3. Must be able to accept “on-call” responsibility.
  4. Must be able to perform basic welding tasks.
  5. Must be able to run rigid conduit.
  6. Must have a safe working history.
  7. Must have demonstrated an excellent attendance history.
  8. Must have the ability to effectively handle multiple tasks
  9. Must have basic mathematic skills.
  10. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  11. The ability to work at heights and in confined spaces.
  12. Must have PLC and VFD drive knowledge.
  13. Must demonstrate the ability to work without direct supervision.

Job: *Electrician

Organization: *Rainier-Engineering

Title: Electrician (Engineering) - Rainier

Location: Oregon-Rainier

Requisition ID: RAI10176

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