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USG Corporation Computer Tech - Westlake in Westlake, Ohio

*BASIC ACCOUNTABILITY:* * Effectively supports plant computer operations, which includes computer hardware, computer software, network and telephone support. Help implement new technology to maximize plant efficiency. Responsible for design, support, maintenance, and control of all computer hardware and software applications to provide a cost-effective and reliable information system. ** _

_ *NATURE AND SCOPE:* * Position requires technical knowledge of personal computer architecture, peripheral equipment, printing, network management including network wiring and topology, technical support in telecommunication hardware and software and some programming knowledge and skills in various computer languages and business software. * Position is responsible for the selection, recommendation, implementation, installation, and training of all computer activities and services; and the investigation of new developments in computer technology, programming, and business applications. * Position reports to local plant management, but also works closely with and receives guidance and direction from the Regional IT Lead.

  • Know, understand and be able to perform this role in a manner consistent with safe operating procedures and practices.
  • Be able to perform the essential physical requirements necessary for computer technician operations.
  • Be able to maintain work area(s) in a clean and acceptable manner which is consistent with established housekeeping requirements.
  • Be able to participate in RPM work identification through active submittal of OBC and/or work requests.
  • Possess knowledge of and can maintain all computer hardware, software, printers and asset management. Must be knowledgeable in Microsoft systems and servers.
  • Can perform maintenance and support of plant network. Ensure that the network is always available.
  • Can perform maintenance, troubleshoot and can coordinate the desired operation of the plant telephone system, web-interface Andon system, and audio-visual equipment.
  • Can install, configure, and provide technical support for all plant network and workstation-based software applications.
  • Thorough understanding Microsoft Office applications.
  • Provide technical computer support to plant personnel.
  • Train plant personnel in use of network hardware and software resources.
  • Understand the process to image new laptops and computers and re-image existing equipment.
  • Know how to set-up, clone and troubleshoot MX6 and MX7 handheld scanners and troubleshoot VX6 fork lift mount computers. (These models or future models)
  • Know how to run DBAN process to wipe drives prior to equipment return.
  • Know how to D/L MP2 patches and install updates on client machines.
  • Provide remote assistance.
  • Provide basic telephone support.
  • Be familiar with support/troubleshooting contacts and reference, i.e. Service Center, HP Support One, Plant IT Support Sharepoint Site, Ricoh, Peak, LXE, etc.
  • Understand basic computer/laptop repair, replacement procedures, i.e. replace hard drives, Ram, etc.
  • Swap out back-up tapes.
  • Workstation ADM account at a plant to install software and manage workstations.
  • Assist Computer Technician 6 and/or Computer Technician Hourly Supervisor in arranging End of Lease equipment returns.
  • Assist Computer Technician 6 and/or Computer Technician Hourly Supervisor in the management and accurate IT asset inventory by using online Imac Event Form /EOE including disability/veteran/

Job: *Information Technology

Organization: *Westlake/AMC-Supply Chain

Title: Computer Tech - Westlake

Location: Ohio-Westlake

Requisition ID: WES10119

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